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Coaching Tee Ball

Being a coach for the first time can be nerve wracking especially when you are worried that you are going to make a fool of yourself or that your team will not respect you. Coaching tee ball can be a lot of fun as you get to work with a group of young children to accomplish a common goal however if it is your first time you may feel as though need some help. As much fun as coaching tee ball can be, it can also be a bit of a challenge, especially when you are working with kids who have never played the sport before. You want to know that you have what it is going to take to properly teach this group of children how to play the sport whether you win games or you do not win any games that season.

When you hold your first practice you will most likely want to start by getting acquainted with the children who will be participating on the team. After your team players have arrived you may want to start by introducing yourself and telling a little about your history in coaching tee ball, if you have any, and then you should introduce your assistant coaches. From here you should consider asking each child to stand up and tell you his or her name and their age, if they have played before and if they have what positions they have played. Remember that when coaching tee ball you should be confident in your knowledge yet at the same time nurturing to your team players.

If you have a five year old who is just starting out he or she may make a lot of mistakes before he or she perfects a certain technique or finds a way that works for them. However if you are confident in your skills as the coach you will be able to guide that player with a positive attitude. You may even need to get creative while you are instructing some children as creative visuals may help certain students learn better. If you are new to coaching tee ball, you might need some guidance to get started and for this you may rely on your assistant coaches however if you are new they may be new as well and then that may not help.

However there is an abundance of other places that you can go in order to receive the help that you may need to coach your first season of tee ball. If you find that you are in need of help for coaching tee ball you should turn to T Ball U. This website specializes in helping first time coaches learn different techniques to help their players with. This site can even provide you with a practice schedule that you can follow or use as a template to create your own practice schedule from. Remember that the more knowledge you have before you go into your first practice the more comfortable you will feel going into your first tee ball practice.

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