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So you have made it through weeks of practicing and now your first game is here. You may feel a little overwhelmed by this as you are not sure if your team is ready to play in an actual game. Well relax, they have had weeks of practice sessions and they are probably more ready for the game than you think they are. However you may feel like you need some game day t-ball coaching tips just to make sure that you have your team prepared. The first t-ball coaching tips that you should consider is to make sure that your players are physically ready to play. This is done by running your team through a short warm up routine that consists of different stretches to prepare the muscles for play and then a short jog to help prepare their players for the game.

This will help their muscles loosen up so that there is less of a chance of injury during the course of the game. From here the next game day t-ball coaching tips are to have your team warm up by throwing the ball to each other as this prepares their arms for throwing the ball during the course of the game. You may even want to hit a few balls to your infielders and outfielders as this can prepare them for catching the ball being hit by the other team as well as throwing the ball to the different bases as they attempt to get the opposing player out. Once your team has had their warm ups it is time for the pep talk that happens before the start of any t-ball game. For this t-ball coaching tips recommends that you stress that it is not about winning but about having fun as this should help your players relax and have a good game.

After the pep talk is complete the bench coach should then place the children on the bench in the order they will be batting in. This will help alleviate the stress of having to locate the next batter up. Another good game day t-ball coaching tips that is a good one to remember is that in every game, no matter the level, it is always a good idea to end the game on a positive note. Whether your team has won or lost you should line your players up to shake hands with the other team. This shows that your team has good sportsmanship no matter the outcome of the game. If you find yourself in need of more t-ball coaching tips for game day, you should consider looking to T Ball U. This website was designed to help you learn how to be a coach and provides you with all of the necessary information you may need to have in order to be a successful coach. This website can even help you be better prepared for any game day situations that may arise while you are playing in an actual game.

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