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T Ball University offers parents and coaches, and even junior school teachers all the resources you need to teach children the game of Tee Ball, which is growing in popularity all over the United States. Tee ball, or also known as 'tee ball' is the perfect way to introduce children to baseball in a fun way, with the rules already being very similar to baseball in many aspects. We offer you a selection of online t-ball video lessons that cover all you need to know as a parent or coach, plus some great books and coaching lessons. You can have a look at the t- ball video lessons previews on this website to get an idea on what you can look forward to by clicking the links. We have designed our website for your convenience to browse through, all in the comfort of your own home. Your children will enjoy the game a lot more if you are actively involved, and the best way you can learn about the game is by taking advantage of all the great resources we offer you.

The game of tee ball is played using a tee to place the ball on, like you would in golf, only suitable in size for the game. There is no pitcher like you would find in baseball and the batter will hit the ball directly off the tee, just like you will when playing golf. The collection of t-ball video lessons covers all aspects of the game with training on catching, base running, batting tips, and all you need to know about the rules. Get involved in this game with the help of T ball University, and you can enroll online in a few easy steps. You will be amazed at the low cost t-ball video collection, and other material we have available to you for the game once you have done so.

Children find playing tee ball exciting, and they love playing the game, which is also suitable for girls and boys. Parents can even learn how to become a coach of the game, which is very rewarding because you will see how children enhance eye-hand coordination, and later these skills will certainly be great when they actively play the real game of baseball, whether for fun or competitively. At T ball University you can invest in a t-ball video collection, as well as some books, lessons, notes, and much more to download, which will help you learn to be an expert in the game as well.

Take a look at the practice schedule previews of the t-ball video lessons, and great downloads you will have access to once you have enrolled, and why not also join the great interactive forums, where you can get your queries answered by the expert coaches, and other T ball enthusiasts. You will agree that with all theses resources at your disposal, especially the comprehensive collection of t-ball video lessons, you have everything you need to coach, or get involved with your children playing the game.

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