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T Ball

Most children enjoy T Ball as a prelude to "real" baseball; it's easier for them to hit the ball when it's on the tee rather than pitched at them and the ball travels less distance as well. This makes it easier for younger children to enjoy the game without getting overwhelmed. They can also learn the rules of baseball this way while still enjoying what they're playing.

As easy as the game may be, it's still possible for a child to need some help in order to get more out of T Ball. The more they understand about it and the better they are at hitting and playing outfield, the more they'll enjoy playing. Spending a little bit of time with a child and explaining some basics to him or her can help them to get much more out of T Ball and to enjoy it.The basics of hitting.

Even though you use a tee in T Ball, this doesn't mean a child might not struggle with hitting the ball. Start with the basics of the stance; make sure they're turned so that their belly is pointing at the ball and not their side. Spread the legs just a little bit for added balance, and remember that they should be standing straight but also need to be relaxed in order to swing properly. The stance for T Ball is similar to what you use for baseball but just more relaxed.

Have them practice swinging for T Ball and remind them that they shouldn't swing so far that they spin all the way around. Their feet need to stay on the ground or they'll lose their balance. They may also need some practice in keeping their eye on the ball while swinging, so mention this to them as well.Playing outfield.

Because children still struggle with coordination at a young age, they may need some practice when playing outfield in T Ball. Practice playing catch and toss with them. Remind them to keep their glove under the ball; they shouldn't try to reach out and grab it as this will knock it away from them. They should also squeeze their glove shut once they feel the ball so it doesn't bounce out.

A child can practice throwing in between T Ball games as well. Teach them how to throw smoothly and remember that trying to overpower the throw won't help them. They may also need to use a target when practicing their throws so their coordination improves.Rules of the game.

Because T Ball is something of a prelude to baseball, it's good to go over some simple rules with them. This will help them to better understand what they're trying to accomplish so they'll do better in the game. This should be according to their age and comprehension; no need to go over a player's manual for T Ball for very young children! A few simple basics about bases and tagging persons and how to score can help them tremendously when on the field.

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