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Tee Ball Drills

As an excellent way to introduce your children to the sport of baseball, Tee Ball is a great stepping stone for children who wish to be on a baseball team when they get older. At T Ball University, their goal is to turn the average involved parent into a confident talented, tee ball coach with plenty of tee ball drills and techniques to teach you team. This way the children of the tee ball team are learning from the same set of drills that the parent coaches are being taught.

This ensures that the team, as well as the coach, is on the same page, because they are learning from the same source. As the coach, it is extremely important that you have a sense of confidence and knowledge of tee ball drills, and how each one affects the kids on your team. When teaching and coaching younger children, it is very important that you make the learning process a fun and interesting experience. The younger the children, the more difficult it will be to actually teach them a brand new sport, or team playing activity.

Young children learn quicker and are generally more interested in whatever they are doing, as long as they are having fun doing it. For first time coaches, tee ball drills can be great and immensely beneficial skills to learn themselves, that way they can recognize when certain aspects of the game can be played with more technique and skill. This website and DVD series was designed to teach tee ball drills to first time tee ball players and first time tee ball coaches. When coaching a team at any level of any sport, there is a certain expertise that is expected of the coach.

Which makes perfect sense, who wants to learn how to do anything from someone who has never done it themselves? So if you are planning on coaching your kids tee ball team, you need to know exactly what you are going to teach the team. With the help of the tee ball drills taught to you by professionals on the T Ball U DVD's, you can walk out on to the field with confidence. When you are confident, that confidence projects and is infectious to your team. You want every single child on you team to be confident in themselves and their own capabilities.

Find out if there is another tee ball coach in your home town, that way you may have someone to help you get started, and get tips, tricks, and pointers from. Consider purchasing the T Ball University DVD if you need a good, fun, easy, and healthy sport for your child to be involved in. Different tee ball drills include; throwing and catching the ball, hitting the ball properly off of the Tee, holding the bat that achieves the best outcome for each player personally, and lessons on running the bases. Use words and language that kids will connect with, that way they can feel like they are understanding exactly what you are telling them. Even the most seasoned tee ball coaches have had great things to say about T Ball University.

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