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You asked for it, we built it!

T-Ball U - League Certification Program

Attention: League Directors, Board Members and Educators:

We have received many requests from youth leagues all across the nation, asking for a program that will help train their new tball coaches. Because of these requests, we are excited to announce that we have added a league certification area to our T-Ball University training website. Here, your new t-ball coaches will receive all of the benefits that come with a T-Ball University membership at an attractive league discounted rate. This discount can be as low as $15 per coach.

Your coaches will have total access to the T-Ball University coach training program. When they successfully complete the online test, you will be notified and they will be rewarded with an attractive T-Ball University Coaching Certificate.

Prepare all of your new coaches for the t-ball season and they will be ready to get started on Day 1 of Practice with the T-Ball University’s New League Certification Program!

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