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Lesson 6 - T-Ball Fielding Drills
Lesson 7 - T-Ball Outfield Drills
Lesson 8 - T-Ball Batting Drills
Lesson 9 - Base running Drills for T Ball Practice
Lesson 10 - T-Ball Pre Game Preparation
Lesson 11 - Game Day Situations
Lesson 12  - Team Parent Responsibilities
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Dear Coach,
I was a newbie and was asked to coach t-ball as my son was going to be a player. I understand the game but never played in my life. I founf your system 8 weeks ago and joined immediately. I began with videos and printing forms and the assistant coaches didn't know what to say! It was amazing! I began using all your methods and techniques and watched week after week in amazement! I saw a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds show up week after week and give it their best! I started with game balls and watched it inspire my least accomplished player and make my better players work harder! I enjoyed a 95% attendance rating as all my players were excited an anxious to come every practice and game. I enjoyed getting emails from parents thanking me for what a great job i was doing and how the constant communication was just what they needed. We just finished our season with a base hit derby and of course one of my players won!!! You made me realize that teaching these kids and having fun week in and week out was a winning combination!! The only problem is after i announced my players and gave all the trophies yesterday many many parents asked if their child could be on my team for the fall program!!! You've inspired my players and in turn they've inspired me!! I plan now to coach all the way through our local major leagues as I really enjoy coaching!!! Thank you so much and I'll be studying all summer to get myself ready to have another great program!!!!

Frank Gilroy

TBall University is a must have for any parent or coach interested in helping their child learn the FUNdamentals of baseball. I am a busy Mother and former teacher who agreed to coach my six-year olds Tball team. I played baseball until I was 9 then played softball through college. I feel knowledgeable about baseball and softball, especially in terms of proper throwing, fielding and batting techniques. However, that doesnít mean I know how to teach young children these mechanics properly and in a fun way. I found myself doing a skill, like fielding a grounder, but not knowing how to break down the skill into its important parts. And having proper form is very important for a playerís physical health and future performance. This video is great because it breaks down the mechanics of throwing, fielding, and batting in easy to understand components that will help even the expert player or novice teach young children. The video also provides information on baserunning, outfielding, and game situations. So, it is definitely suited to help parents and coaches teach young players the basics and beyond, providing them a strong foundation for future play. The video also provides extremely helpful tips for new coaches, like choosing equipment, running your first practice, pre-game prep, and how to involve parents in a positive way. I was very excited to begin coaching my sonís tball team and this video has provided me with the tools to make this a positive and rewarding experience.

Thank you Tball University!

Jaime Puccioni
Graduate Student
Michigan State University
Educational Policy

Thanks again for putting together a comprehensive and complete site such as T-Ball University. With your practice plans/ instructional videos, we have been able to take K/1st kids and move them into kid pitch a year or two early. Since the attention span is somewhat limited with 5-6 year olds, having a practice plan and stations has kept them active, busy and having fun during practices. We have seen the difference in our 3rd/4th graders batting and overall understanding of the game, which enables us as coaches to solidify fundamentals while teaching situational baseball a year or two ahead of schedule. The 3rd/4th grade kids are used to practice plans, organization, and work at a younger age while having fun playing the game. Our program is small in comparison to most JBO programs in Or., but we compete in the state tournament every year. Your site has helped make us better coaches and enabled our kids to learn the game at a younger age while making it fun for everyone.

Thanks again,

Paul Sarvela
Coach and League Rep
Banks Baseball
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