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Lesson 1 - Coaching T-Ball - Let's get started
Lesson 2 - T-Ball equipment selection
Lesson 3 - First T-Ball Practice
Lesson 4 - T-Ball Catching Drills
Lesson 5 - T-Ball Throwing Drills
Lesson 6 - T-Ball Fielding Drills
Lesson 7 - T-Ball Outfield Drills
Lesson 8 - T-Ball Batting Drills
Lesson 9 - Base running Drills for T Ball Practice
Lesson 10 - T-Ball Pre Game Preparation
Lesson 11 - Game Day Situations
Lesson 12  - Team Parent Responsibilities
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T Ball University is an online training program for learning how to coach T-Ball. In addition to offering a set of structured video lessons on coaching Tee Ball, we also offer many other resources: Ready to use practice schedules, structured practice drills and coaching forms. Coaching T-Ball successfully involves learning the proper techniques that are demonstrated throughout our entire online program. The program includes video batting drills for children, fielding drills and base running drills that can be used in your t ball practices. You will also have access to Downloadable sheets that you can carry to practice. The downloadable tball drills can help you to structure your practices around activities that will improve the kid's fitness and will give them the basic skills required to play T-ball and when they are ready to play baseball, they will be prepared to move up with the skills and confidence they learned from you, their t ball coach.

T-ball provides kids a fun introduction to the basic elements of baseball, including batting and fielding. Since the score is not usually recorded, it is generally not a very competitive environment and this means that children of various athletic abilities can participate and enjoy themselves, without the pressure of score-keeping. At T Ball University, we offer online training videos for coaching T-ball, that will explain the rules as well as various aspects and tips for coaching and teaching tball to children; most importantly,how to hold the bat, throw a baseball, catch a baseball and how to make plays.

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T-ball provides kids with a fun introduction to the basic elements of baseball, including batting and fielding, without the element of competition � points usually are not kept, and this means that children of various athletic ability can participate and enjoy themselves, without the pressure of score-keeping. We offer online videos for coaching T-ball, which explain the rules as well as various aspects such as how to hold the bat or make a play. These resources are great for parents or coaches who wish to enhance their kids� enjoyment of the sport.

Online Resources for Coaching T-Ball

In addition to a sequence of structured video lessons on coaching Tee Ball, we also offer various other resources such as pre-made practice schedules, structured drills and coaching forms. We offer a coaching forum where coaches and parents can share information and ask each other questions related to the sport. We offer lesson notes to supplement our video lessons, so that you can easily brush up on what you have watched and remember the coaching tips given. Our coaching videos are divided into twelve segments, beginning with advice on equipment selection and ending with team parent responsibilities.

T-Ball Coaching Tips for Handling Game Preparations and Situations

By watching our videos you can learn T-Ball coaching tips for pre-game preparations and for handling in-game situations which may arise, including injury and other situations. Our package is available as a DVD which you can watch at home. Alternatively, you can obtain the full T-Ball university package which includes full access to all the resources available on our website for a year. If you have already purchased our DVD, you can also upgrade to the full system at a lower price. With the aid of our resources, you can be an inspiring coach.

Try our Downloadable T-Ball Drills

Our downloadable T-Ball drills can help you to structure your coaching sessions around activities which will improve kids� fitness and will give them the basic skills required in order to play T-ball as well as baseball when they are older. Our system is ideal for training kids between the ages of four and ten. Fun drills involving batting, fielding or base running can be worked into the start of a practice session as a warm-up, and provide kids with a fun and challenging activity to start off the lesson.

Learn How to Coach T-Ball Like a Pro

Our video lessons will be particularly useful to those who are first-time T-Ball coaches. Our lessons can teach those who have only a passing knowledge of the game how to coach T-ball like a pro, and our video lessons are condensed into a short sequence which can be completed over a week and subsequently viewed whenever a refresher is needed. With the help of our coaching advice, you can teach kids the correct techniques right from the start, and can enjoy the satisfaction of inspiring potential future major league players.